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Why Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

Because you will save money buying Benjamin Moore Paint products.

Bargain paints are no bargain!

Benjamin Moore products actually end up saving money in a variety of ways;

(1) You use less paint than “bargain” paint. Less paint = less time spent applying the paint. Time is important – especially to a contractor. All too frequently, we get requests for “bargain” paint because the client “cannot afford” a premium paint. This perception is 100% incorrect. In actual point of fact, the consumer will end up saving money because of the time saved applying a premium Benjamin Moore product. From a contractor’s standpoint, time saved applying a premium product enables the contractor to quote more competitively, at the same time maximizing his hourly rate  It’s win-win; The customer gets a quality job at a fair price, and the contractor gets to make a decent living

(2) Durability. Why spend time preparing an area for painting (prep is important!) and then spoil the job with “bargain” paint?

(3) Colour selection. Benjamin Moore’s colour palette is second to none. There are over 2500 colours to choose from. And to ease your selection we offer paint samples in every one of those colours. No more guessing as to which colour is best for you!

(4) Benjamin Moore paints are environmentally-friendly. Ahead of all other North American paint manufacturers, Benjamin Moore pioneered environmentally friendly paint coatings. Benjamin Moore was the first manufacturer to re-formulate all their products to comply with the State of California’s strict environmental laws (the strictest in the world!)

So, why choose anything other than Benjamin Moore paint products? Your home deserves the best, and it will not cost you one cent extra!

Come in and discuss your painting project with us.

If you need a painting contractor,  we have a roster of professional painting contractors.